WinkBeds Mattress Review

When you are searching for a hybrid mattress, you don’t have a lot of brands to choose from. However, one of the best is the WinkBeds. Even though they also have other kinds of mattresses, the reality is that they are most famous for their hybrid mattress versions. One of the best mattresses they have is the WinkBeds Mattress.


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One of the best things about the WinkBeds Mattress is that they only sell mattresses online. So, they are a lot more affordable than their most director competitors because they are cutting their costs.

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In what concerns to the WinkBeds Mattress itself, it features 15 inches and comes with 5 different layers. Even though we can say that the WinkBeds Mattress is a hybrid mattress, it is mainly a coil-on-coil mattress that is durable and maximizes both support and comfort.


  • The top layer, with 2 inches, is made of a combination of gel and hypersoft memory foam. The main goal of this layer is to both provide pressure relief and contour your body to ensure that there is no motion transfer.

  • The next foam, with 2.5 inches, is a coil layer that supports the foam layers right above it. Coils are great to improve the airflow of the mattress which helps you get a good temperature while you are sleeping. One of the things you can expect on this layer is to have pocketed coils encased in foam.
  • The next layer, with 1 inch, is called the Lumbar Support layer. As the name says, it aims to provide you with all the support you need, especially in your lower back area.
  • The 4th layer features pocketed coils that are individually wrapped. The main advantage of using this layer is the fact that it helps the mattress contour your body better, providing an extra support and comfort.
  • The bottom layer is the support layer and serves as a foundational support for the entire mattress.


In what concerns with the cover, the WinkBeds Mattress comes with a cover that contains TENCEL. TENCEL is a plant-based material that is extremely breathable. In addition, the cover also contains memory foam.

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One of the things that we really like about the WinkBeds Mattress is the edge support it provides. While there are some good mattresses on the market that fail at this feature, the WinkBeds Mattress is just perfect. You won’t have any problems sleeping near the side of the bed since you won’t feel any compression at all. Besides, this extra edge support also increases the durability of the mattress itself, which is always a good thing.


Overall, the WinkBeds Mattress is a great option for every type of sleeper. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer to sleep on your stomach, on your back, or on the side, that you will still get a good support as well as you’ll be extremely comfortable. The days where you needed more than one hour to fall asleep just to wake up again in the middle of the night because you weren’t comfortable will be over as soon as you start using this mattress. Featuring a good gel infusion and soft coils, you can be sure that your body temperature will be perfect and you won’t have any motion transfer. Besides, the use of the memory foam helps you get more support for your body as well as it contours your body providing you with an extra comfort.

The WinkBeds Mattress is made in the United States and it comes with a 10-year warranty. The company also has a 101 nights trial period.

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