Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed Review By Users

More and more people have problems not only falling asleep as well as to remain asleep during the entire night. In case you are one of them, one of the best things you can do is to “buy a good mattress.”  [ ] However, some people tend to go even further and instead of a mattress, they want an adjustable bed. After all, a good adjustable bed is not only comfortable and supportive as you can easily put it in any position you prefer.

One of the best adjustable beds on the market is the Reverie 7s Adjustable bed.


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One of the reasons that make the Reverie 7s Adjustable bed so popular is its ability to provide you with pressure relief. The Reverie 7s Adjustable bed is able to conform to your own body curves, allowing you not only to fall asleep as well as to remain asleep during the night more easily.

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One of the reasons why we really like this adjustable bed is the fact that is is sturdy and strong. The Reverie 7s Adjustable base allows you to keep using it for a very long time and you can be sure that it won’t start rusting. In addition, on the corners of the Reverie 7s Adjustable base, you can also find some retainer bars to ensure that the mattress is always in the right place, without moving even 1 inch. 

The Reverie 7s split king adjustable bed comes with a 20 years extended warranty. This only shows that the manufacturer really believes in the product they are selling. However, in case you still have any doubts, you just need to take a look at the Reverie 7s reviews. In addition, you are allowed to try out the Reverie 7s split king adjustable bed for 101 nights before you even pay for it.


One of the things that keep being mentioned through the Reverie 7s reviews is the fact that they have a huge list of mattresses that are compatible. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have any difficulties in finding the best one for your needs.

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In order to adjust the Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed, you simply need to use the remote control that is included in the package. However, you can also use any Bluetooth ready device like a tablet or smartphone. You can simply use their app to control all the features available in the Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed in an easy way.


One of the things that many users like on the Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed is its ability to massage your body. Plus, you and your partner can enjoy a good and different massage, at the same time, if you want to, You can choose between 10 different massage intensities for meditation or therapy. Can you imagine waking up with your Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed giving you a gentle massage?

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