Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Review

When you are looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress, there’s no question that you need to consider Resort Sleep, one of the best manufacturers.

One of their best mattresses in terms of comfort, quality, support, and durability is the Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress.


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The Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress is divided into two main layers:


– The first layer, with 2.5 inches, is made of air infused Visco elastic pure memory foam. This is what allows the mattress to contour your body which will ultimately provide you with all the comfort you need during sleep. One of the main advantages of using this material is to make sure that you remain fresh during the entire night. Plus, the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress is breathable due to the use of the open cell technology.

– The second layer, with 7.5 inches, is made of a high-density support core foam. This is the foundation of the mattress and the main goal is to be able to provide you with pressure point relief. It will specifically target the areas where it is more common for people to have aches such as the back, neck, hips, and shoulders.

Besides these two layers, the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress also includes a cover, which is an essential part of any mattress. The Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress cover makes sure that holds both layers together while helping the mattress to retain its shape. Plus, this is what enter in contact with your body. So, it needs to be comfortable and breathable, just like this one is. One of the best advantages is that you can easily remove it to wash it and you can even wash it on your machine. 

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According to most Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress reviews, this mattress provides the right balance between soft and hard. This means that is perfect for you not to sink and fill trapped inside the mattress as well as it is able to provide the support you need.


Another factor that keeps being mentioned in the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress reviews is the heat retention. The truth is that the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress has a minimal heat retention because it uses the upper layer with air infused Visco elastic memory foam. This material not only allows the breathability of the entire mattress as well as it pulls the heat away from concentrating only on you but, instead, it disperses the heat through the entire sleeping surface.


When you think it’s time to buy a new mattress, one of the things that you need to take into consideration is whether you’re going to be comfortable sleeping on it. And this may differ depending on your sleeping position. You can prefer to sleep on your side, on your back, or on your stomach. However, one of the main advantages of the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress is the fact that, no matter which sleeping position you prefer, you are still being able to have all the support and comfort that you need.

Plus, the Resort Sleep 10 Inch mattress is CentriPur-US certified meaning that this mattress doesn’t include any harsh chemicals that can harm both the environment or yourself.


As soon as you order your Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam mattress, you will also get a memory foam pillow for free. This will help your neck and head get the right support and staying cool at the same time.

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