Casper Vs. Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

When you are looking for a good mattress, you want to make sure that you get a durable, supportive, and comfortable one. However, the best mattress for you usually isn’t the same as the best mattress for other people since each one of us has their own preferences. Besides, the choice of a mattress needs to consider many different aspects including your preferred sleeping position. After all, not all mattresses are able to provide the support you need for all sleeping positions (back, side, and stomach).

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Today, we decided to make a comparison between two famous mattress brands – Casper and Brooklyn Bedding. So which one is better – the Casper mattress or the Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

Let’s see each one of the mattresses in detail first and then make a final comparison between the two to help you with your final decision.

#1: Casper Mattress


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One of the most famous mattress brands nowadays is Casper. The truth is that the brand has been getting a lot of positive feedback from users and is growing in popularity every day.

* Construction:

The Casper mattress is 9.5 inches tall and includes 4 different layers of foam. While many people tend to believe that the Casper mattress is a memory foam mattress, the reality is that it is actually a hybrid mattress. This means that it includes memory foam but it also includes other kinds of foam to eliminate all the problems that are usually brought with memory foam.


– The cover of the Casper mattress is made with multiple fabrics. While the top is made only using polyester, the sides of the cover also include polypropylene. While the cover may seem a bit thick at first, the truth is that it is breathable and very cozy. In addition, it’s stretchy which is always a good thing.

– The first layer, which is 1.5 inches tall, is made of a responsive poly foam. This poly foam is similar to latex since it features some cooling properties that allow a good temperature regulation by the mattress. Besides, this layer also provides a good feel and softness, not to mention that because it is responsive, you will be able to move around during the night without any problems.

– The second layer, which is 1.5 inches tall, is made of memory foam. There are multiple advantages in using this material in mattresses. The first one is that it allows a perfect body contouring that enhances the pressure relief. In addition, it’s one of the best materials in terms of the support that is provided. Even though memory foam has its own disadvantages, these are fought by the Casper mattress with the use of the responsive poly foam on the top layer. These problems include the heat retention that is clearly eliminated by the top layer working in conjunction with the cover, and the stuck feeling – the top foam has a good response and bounce.

– The third layer, which is also 1.5 inches tall, is made of a transition poly foam. As the name says, this layer’s main goal is to make a smooth transition between the comfort layers at the top of the mattress and the support layers at the bottom.

– The bottom layer, which is 5 inches tall, is made of a high-density support foam. This layer is responsible for ensuring that the mattress maintains its shape for a very long time as well as it also provides an increased breathability.

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* Firmness:

We consider the Casper mattress firmness level to be a 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Within the scale used, 1 refers to the softest mattresses and 10 to the firmest ones.

While most people tend to prefer the 6th level, the truth is that the firmness or softness will depend on your weight as well. For example, you may notice that the mattress may be firmer than what you were expecting if you are a heavy user. What happens is that in this situation, you will tend to get deeper into the mattress and you will experience a deeper compression support.

* Comfort:


Overall, the Casper mattress is really nice. One of the things that caught our attention was the great bounce. This is definitely positive since this mattress includes memory foam. So, if you are one of those people who keep turning and tossing during the night, you’ll be able to do so without waking up. Please notice that this is also dependent on your weight. The heavier you are, the deeper you will be and the ability to move may start to be compromised.

In terms of the support provided by the Casper mattress, we can say that it is quite good no matter your preferred sleeping position.

* Trials and Warranties:

Just like most mattresses, the Casper mattress comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer and you will be entitled to a 100 days trial period.

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#2: Brooklyn Bedding Mattress


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* Construction:

As one of the most established mattress brands in the United States, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress definitely has their own way to make good mattresses.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is 10 inches high and includes 3 different layers and an additional cover:


  The cover of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a quilted cotton polyester blend. In addition, it is quilted with poly foam as well to ensure that it is softer and plush. One of the things that you’ll like to know is that since it includes cotton, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress cover is breathable.

– The top layer, with 2 inches, is made of TitanFlex foam. TitanFlex foam is proprietary to Brooklyn Bedding and it’s a responsive poly foam similar to latex. This layer provides you the comfort, bounce, and cooling that you need for a good night sleep,

– The middle layer, with 2 inches, is made of the same TitanFlex foam but it’s more dense, making this layer firmer. So, besides all the advantages that are present on the top layer, you will also get a deep compression and more overall support thanks to this layer.

– The bottom layer, with 6 inches, is made of a high-density support foam. This layer is the foundation or support for the entire mattress and helps the mattress maintain its shape for much longer.

* Firmness:

One of the things that we really like about the Brooklyn Bedding company is their attention to the details and the fact that they know that users are not all the same. So, instead of having only one mattress with one level of firmness, they allow you to choose between three different firmness levels.

So, in case you decide to buy the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, you will be able to choose between the soft Brooklyn Bedding mattress, which is a 4 out of 10, the medium Brooklyn Bedding mattress, which is a 6 out of 10, and the firm Brooklyn Bedding mattress, which is an 8 out of 10. This ensures that you not only know exactly what you are getting as you’ll be able to make a better choice according to your own preferences.

* Comfort:


The fact that the Brooklyn Bedding mattress uses the TitanFlex foam ensures that you won’t need to worry about the heat retention that is a common problem on most traditional memory foam mattresses. After all, this material features cooling properties and allied to the cover, they ensure that you get an optimal temperature during the entire night.

In terms of the support provided by the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, we have to say that it is quite good. However, in case you are a heavier user, you need to be aware that the mattress may seem firmer than what it actually is.

* Trials and Warranties:

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes with 120 nights sleep trial and you will get a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Casper Vs. Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Comparison

As you can see, and while both mattresses may work for a wide range of people, the truth is that there are some differences between the two. We can start by talking about the number of layers as well as the materials used in each one of the layers, the height of the mattresses, and, ultimately, and perhaps the most important, the difference in the firmness level.

So, which one should you choose – the Casper mattress or the Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

When you know exactly the kind of firmness that you want on a mattress and you want to take advantage of the amazing bounce that a mattress can provide, then you should go with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. In addition, their prices are very competitive.

However, when you don’t know specifically which firmness level suits you and you want to make sure that you take advantage of the memory foam without all the problems associated with this material, then you should go with the Casper mattress.

As always, you have the final word on this issue but we hope we have helped you with your decision.

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