Casper Vs. Yogabed Mattress Review

One of the things most people tend to do when they are looking to bu a good mattress is to search for mattresses that please all types of sleepers. The truth is that depending on the mattress features, they can suit better the needs of a back sleeper, of a stomach sleeper, of a side sleeper, or of a person who keeps changing the sleeping position during the night. However, choosing the best mattress for you according to such preferences may take you a lot of time and you may not know exactly what to look for.

So, two of the mattresses that most people tend to find when searching for mattresses that work well with all types of sleepers are the Casper mattress and the Yogabed mattress.

Let’s take a quick look at each one of them and then make the final comparison between these two amazing mattresses.

#1: Casper Mattress:


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* Construction

The Casper mattress is usually one of the first mattresses you will find when you are looking for a mattress that provides the comfort and support needed for all types of sleepers (back, side, and stomach sleepers.

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The Casper mattress is a hybrid mattress that provides you with the amazing support of the memory foam along with the cooling and comfort of a different foam layer. In the case of the Casper mattress, it uses a responsive poly foam that is developed by the brand itself.

The Casper mattress is 9.5 inches tall and includes 4 different layers in addition to the cover:


– The cover of the Casper mattress is made of 100% Polyester which is a fabric that is soft to the touch while, at the same time, provides a cozy feel since it’s a bit thicker than most other mattress covers. One of the things that you will notice is that if you accidentally push the cover, it will immediately go to its place again. This ensures that the fabric is stretchy which guarantees that when you are changing position during the night, you won’t find any bumps that can wake you up. Another advantage of this Polyester cover is the fact that it is breathable. So, this is another great way that the Casper mattress has to improve the airflow through the mattress to improve the temperature regulation.

– The top layer, which is 1.5 inches tall, is made of a responsive poly foam that is unique to the brand. This is one of the best selling points of this mattress since this layer is responsible for allowing the necessary airflow to ensure the temperature regulation. So, you can be sure that you won’t wake up during the night or will have problems falling asleep because the mattress retains the heat. In case you never tried out the Casper mattress, you can see a lot of resemblance between this responsive poly foam and the latex foam. They share the same main characteristics including the quick response to pressure providing the mattress with some bounce.

– The second layer, which is also 1.5 inches tall, is made of a 4 lb density memory foam. Since this layer provides the pressure relief, the response to pressure is a lot slower than the one featured on the top layer. The main reason why the memory foam is the second layer and not the first one is related to two main problems memory foam traditional has: the heat retention and the sinking feeling.

– The third layer, which is 1.5 inches tall, is made of a poly foam and is known as the transition layer. After all, it makes the transition from the comfort of the two top layers to the support of the bottom or base layer that is underneath. This 2.5 lb density foam has a quick response to pressure, adding a bit more bounce to the mattress.

– The bottom layer, also known as the support or base layer, is 5 inches tall and is made of poly foam with a 1.8 lb density. This layer is the one responsible for providing the support for all the top layers as well as to ensure that the Casper mattress is able to keep its shape. This poly foam also has a quick response to pressure and is a firm layer.

* Firmness:

The Casper mattress is a medium in terms of firmness. In our opinion, it should be a 6 out of 10 on a firmness scale where 1 refers to the softest mattresses and the 10 refers to the firmest mattresses. This kind of firmness is usually the one that you need to look for when you are trying to find a mattress that suits all types of sleepers.

* Comfort:


One of the things that you will immediately notice when you try out the Casper mattress is that you will sink a bit deep. The truth is that even though it uses their proprietary poly foam at the top layer, you will still feel that hug that is provided by memory foam. Even though this happens, you will be able to change positions while you are sleeping without waking up.

* Motion Transfer:

In case you share your mattress with someone, you will be glad to know that the motion transfer of the Casper mattress is minimal. So, if you or your partner tend to move a lot during the night or have different sleeping habits, you can be sure that you will both be able to have a restful and peaceful good night sleep, night after night.

* Trials And Warranties:

The Casper mattress, as well as most top mattresses on the market, provide you with a 10-year warranty. In addition, you will also be able to take advantage of their 100 night free trial period to make sure that you are comfortable and well supported when sleeping on the Casper mattress.

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#2: Yogabed Mattress


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* Construction:

While the Yogabed mattress is not so well-known as the Casper mattress (so far), the truth is that it is a hybrid mattress, just like the Casper mattress. This means that it is made of a different blend of foams that tend to provide you with the support of the traditional memory foam but without all the disadvantages of this material.

The Yogabed mattress is 10 inches tall and includes 4 different layers in addition to the cover:


– The cover is made of cotton and polyester and is pretty breathable. One of the things that you will notice is that it is quite thin to allow the airflow to get through the mattress as well as it is still cozy and soft to the touch. And when it’s time to clean up your mattress, you just need to unzip the cover and have it machine washed.

– The top layer, which is 1 inch high, is made of Yoga Instant Response Foam with a density of 5 lbs. This is a proprietary foam from Yogabed and it as developed by them. One of the main characteristics of this foam is that it is extremely quick to adjust to your body even if you keep moving during the entire night. Besides, in terms of comfort and bounce, it is very similar to latex foam.

– The second layer, which is 2 inches tall, is made of YogaGel. This is another material that was custom developed by Yogabed specifically for the Yogabed mattress. Its main goal is to provide cooling for the mattress and, at the same time, a deep compression support.

– The third layer, which is 6 inches tall, is made of a high-density support foam and is a part of the base. This foam is so dense to ensure that it is able to maintain the shape of the Yogabed mattress as well as to make it more durable.

– The bottom layer, which is just 1 inch tall, is also made of the same high-density support foam. This last layer allows the breathability of the entire mattress from the top to the bottom.

* Firmness:

According to our opinion, the Yogabed mattress is a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 1 referring to the softest mattresses and the 10 referring to the firmest mattresses.

* Comfort:


One of the unique aspects of the Yogabed mattress is the fact that it may be quite bouncy. According to most users, you will either love or hate the feeling.

Another aspect that it’s always important to consider is the sinkage. After all, we are talking about a mattress that includes memory foam. In the Yogabed mattress case, the sinkage isn’t as deep as with the Casper mattress although you will still be able to feel the contour around your body.

One of the best things about this mattress is that it can accommodate all types of sleepers. So, no matter if you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you will be comfortable and find enough support during the entire night.

* Trials And Warranties:

The Yogabed mattress comes with a 101 night free trial period as well as with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. Besides the Yogabed mattress itself, you will also get free pillows.

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Casper Vs. Yogabed Mattress Conclusion

While both mattresses are great choices when you are looking for a mattress that is able to accommodate all types of sleepers, the ultimate choice depends on your personal preferences.

In our opinion, you should opt for the Casper mattress if you are looking for a balanced foam feel and you want to stay cool during the night. In case you are looking for a mattress that includes memory foam without feeling stuck and you want to take advantage of a good temperature regulation, then you should choose the Yogabed mattress.

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